Herringbone is a popular parquet flooring pattern. Made up of rectangular wood blocks, sometimes called staves, arranged in a geometric zig zag pattern which loosely resembles fish bones.

A design classic in its own right, the herringbone pattern can be traced back to Roman times. Its pleasing geometric features has earned it universal appeal. Throughout history, the herringbone pattern has been used in everything from town planning to jewellery and remains a very popular motif in the design and interiors industry.

A Junckers Herringbone floor is made of solid hardwood. A timeless choice for residential and commercial building designs such as hotels, restaurants, galleries and museums.

Junckers Herringbone flooring is made in solid Oak, a timber grade with a naturally warm appearance featuring some colour and structural graining variation between individual staves. A Herringbone floor is delivered untreated, to be finished on site with an oil, lacquer or a combination of both. There is also a range of stain colours available, including white and grey.

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