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Junckers is Europe’s leading solid wood flooring manufacturer. The company has deep roots tracing back to its establishment in 1930 by founder, Flemming Juncker. A visionary and dedicated forester, Flemming Juncker possessed a profound sympathy and understanding for what is today referred to as the circular economy. He advocated a sustainable approach to wood flooring, aiming to utilize every part of the tree. This vision remains integral to Junckers today through its incorporated philosophy: Join the Collab with Nature.

When developing woodcare products, Junckers does so with a deep understanding of the requirements for both quality and environmental considerations. The company believes that lacquers, oils, and cleaning products play a crucial role in maintaining the beauty of wood products while extending their lifespan.

At the factory in Denmark, a dedicated team of experts meticulously monitors the daily production, providing unparalleled insights into the functionality of wood flooring and an understanding of the challenges that any project may present. The close connection to production enables Junckers to create solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of customers within the sports, commercial, and residential segments.

Successful projects require a reliable partner from start to finish. Junckers is committed to being a reliable and professional partner, working side-by-side with customers from project planning to execution and subsequent maintenance. Experience has shown that this approach is crucial to offering sustainable-minded solutions that last for decades – making the company a preferred choice for professionals working on project sales worldwide.

With a global presence, facilitated through seven sales offices and an extensive network of dealers and agents, Junckers has branched out across the world. The company delivers their products to more than 45 countries worldwide.

Choose Junckers for products that meet the highest standards and join the company and its philosophy Join the Collab with Nature.




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The History about Junckers Industrier

Flemming Juncker was a young Danish graduate in forestry with foresight. The young forestry graduate knew that the economic viability of the Danish forests was in a bad condition.

It was necessary to find new fields of application for the wood that had up until then, been used as firewood or simply left in the forests. Flemming Juncker started the sawmill in 1930 to produce an order of 40,000 railway sleepers from beechwood for DSB (The Danish State Railways). In order to do this, he rented 7,000 m² of ground from Køge Shipyard in Denmark and bought a frame saw in Sweden. The production of the railway sleepers was thought to be a one-off assignment. The remaining wood was sold to the Køge Timber Factory. When the collaboration ended, Juncker had to find other ways to dispose of the remaining wood.

This was the beginning of the 2-strip beech parquet board. Two rows of staves assembled into one board on a “Lindermann machine”. The idea of the beech parquet floors was to drive the Swedish pinewood floors out of the Danish housing market. It worked, and the foundations for Junckers’ solid hardwood flooring were now in place.


Junckers Industrier A/S is a Danish company owned 100% by Junckers Holding A/S. Junckers Holding A/S is 94% owned by JFK and the 6% is owned by Junckers' management and board members. Junckers is headquartered in Køge, Denmark and has approximately 264 employees worldwide.

The board of F. Junckers Industrier A/S consists of:

Per Kristensen (Chairman)
Thomas Voss
​Signe Hilstrøm 
Peter Rathsach
Jeanette Kærgaard Jacobsen (Employee representative) 
Michael Lund Thrane (Employee representative)

The management team

The management team consists of CEO Thomas Bendixen, Group Vice President of Supply Chain, Niels Fogelstrøm and CFO Thomas Engelund






COO - Group Vice President




Group CFO