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A high quality hardwood floor is not just a floor covering – it is so much more..

A wooden floor adds a timeless and elegant expression combined with a sense of natural balance to your home.

With Junckers you choose a brand who has designed and manufactured wooden floors since 1930. You can choose among several wood species and a wide range of colours and shades, so you can find the perfect floor for you and your home.

Solid hardwood flooring at Junckers 

All our floors are made of 100 % wood – no intermediate layers.

When you choose a solid hardwood floor from Junckers, you choose a sustainable floor of the highest quality and with a clean conscious as our floors are non-toxic. This is our way of contributing to a healthy indoor climate in your home. 

Explore all our high quality floors and let yourself fall in love with the floor of your dreams.

We know it might be difficult to choose... But by filtering among desired wood type, look, thickness and others the decision could become easier. 

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