Maintenance and refurbishment of wooden sport floors

Junckers sports floors are always supplied pre finished with several coats of a long lasting and very hardwearing surface treatment of our own manufactured polyurethane lacquer.

When it comes to cleaning a floor cleaning machine using as little water as possible is more than enough to keep the floor in good shape on a daily basis.

Sports floors are the foundation for several activities and therefore some floors need more maintenance than others. As a part of our solution to this we have maintenance products – such as resin remover, degreaser and mild soap products designed to leave no residue.

In addition to maintenance products, we also produce our own sports lacquer. The lacquer is approved for sports use in accordance with the European standard EN 14904 and has a high ability to bond with the existing surface. This means only a light screening of the floor is needed before applying one coat of our sports lacquer and if years of very hard wear demand more comprehensive renovating, it is also possible to sand the floor down to do a complete restoration.

If maintenance of a sports floor is done on a regular basis, sanding down to bare wood is seldom necessary. Our maintenance products contribute to long lasting sport floors. Find out more here:

Sports floor maintenance products