F 3.4

F 3.4


An incredibly durable and fast drying oil for sanded or untreated wooden floors. The product can be used for both priming and for final polishing coats.

Hardwax Floor Oil gives the floor a deep lustre and rich colour and is perfect for residential or commercial areas. It is also ideal for use in locations where minimum closure time is important.

Hardwax Floor Oil can not be overcoated with lacquers.

For professional and private use.


Product: Drying oil in solvents added wax.

Package size: 5 litres.

Appearance: Light brown liquid. Clear when dry.

Gloss level: Matt to ultramatt.

Risk of self-ignition: Cloths etc. used to apply the product can self-ignite. Place used cloths in an airtight and non-flammable container (e.g. a jam jar or a metal can with a lid). Dispose of in accordance with national waste regulations.


Coverage: 20-30 m² per litre.

Before application: Shake/stir well before use.

Application tools: Stainless steel spatula, roller or brush. Depending on gloss level, a white or red pad for polishing.

Substrate temperature: Minimum 15 °C.

Dilution: Not recommended.

Drying time at 20 °C and 50 % RH:
Recoating approx. 6 hours.
Fully cured after 6 days.
Do not cover the surface by carpets or rugs before the oil is fully cured.

Cleaning of tools:  White spirit.

Storage: Lasts for 2 years if unopened and stored at 20 °C. Once opened the product will start to form a skin and may harden in the can.


Untreated/sanded floors:
Ensure that the surface is absolutely clean, dry and free from dust, wax, grease, polish etc. Unevenness, dirt and discolouration can be removed by sanding in direction of the grain. Final sanding must be with sandpaper grit 100-120. Vacuum sanding dust.

  • Apply the oil in an even coat until the surface is completely saturated. 
  • Make sure that the oil appears glossy/wet and spread the oil from wet to dry areas, where the oil has been absorbed.
  • Remove surplus material using a buffing machine and a soft cloth or pad.
  • After minimum 6 hours, apply another coat of oil and repeat buffing.
  • To increase gloss, buff using white pad after a minimum of 16 hours.

Regular cleaning:
Sweep or vacuum, and when necessary wipe with a well wrung out flat mop or cloth. To help removal of dirt from the surface Junckers Floor Cleaner can be added to the cleaning water.

If the existing oil surface is sound and stable, the floor can be refreshed with Junckers Maintenance Oil.

For worn through surfaces use Hardwax Floor Oil to restore the surface.
Sand or scour the surface carefully with fine sandpaper grit 180-220 or a green or black nylon pad and apply as described under "Untreated/sanded floors".


Before using the product, read the label on the container carefully and observe the recommended precautionary measures. See Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.


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