F 20.6

F 20.6


2K Eco Protect Oil is a fast-drying oil with low content of VOC. After application, the floor is ready for use in just 8 hours. Use the oil with or without hardener. Add hardener for increased wearability and water resistance.

If you like the appearance of oil, but want the advantages of a lacquered surface, it is possible to combine 2K Eco Protect Oil with a lacquer. 

Use 2K Eco Protect Oil clear for the classic look or a coloured oil to add character to the room. If you have installed a wooden floor with a ships decking strip, always use a clear oil, as coloured oil will discolour the strip.

2K Eco Protect Oil is for use in commercial and residential areas on untreated and machine sanded wooden floors.
The product is for professional use only.


Product: Alkyd made from natural drying oils + isocyanate hardener. 

Package sizes: 2.53 litres (2.3+0.23).

Colours: Clear, nordic, white, black, london grey, antique oak.


  • A clear oil adds a deep, warm glow to the wood.
  • The colour nordic retains an untreated look on light wood species. Nordic is not recommended on dark wood species.
  • The other colours are slightly transparent enhancing the natural grain of the wood.

Especially about coloured oils:

  • By long-term contact or by contact with other materials smudging from coloured oils may occur.

Risk of self-ignition: Cloths etc. used to apply the product can self-ignite. Place used cloths in an airtight and non-flammable container (e.g. a jam jar or a metal can with a lid). Dispose of in accordance with national waste regulations.


Light wood species, beech, ash, oak, pine etc.: 12-15 m² per litre.
Exotic wood species, nyatoh, merbau etc.: 20-30 m² per litre.

Mixing: 10 parts of oil to 1 part of hardener.

Before application: Stir the oil thoroughly until any settled product has been stirred in. Pour hardener and stir thoroughly again.

Pot-life: The mixture should be used within 4 hours. Avoid reuse of mixed material beyond this time.

Application tools: Roller, spatula and/or polishing machine mounted a white nylon scouring pad. For absorbing excess oil, clean lint-free cotton cloths are recommended. 
Substrate temperature: Minimum 15 °C.
Dilution: Delivered ready for use. Dilution is not recommended.

Drying time at 20 °C and 50 % RH: 6-8 hours.
16-24 hours if the floor subsequently is to be lacquered.
Fully cured after 72 hours. Do not cover the surface by i.e. carpets or rugs before the oil is fully cured.

Cleaning of tools: White spirit.

Storage: Lasts for 2 years if unopened and stored at 20 °C. Once opened the oil will start to form a skin and may harden in the can.



Untreated/sanded floors: 
1 coat of 2K Eco Protect Oil.
Oil combined with lacquer: 1 coat of 2K Eco Protect Oil + 2 coats of Strong or HP Commercial.


Oiling of untreated/sanded surfaces:
Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from dust, wax, polish and soap residues. Irregularities can be removed by sanding in the direction of the wood grains. Final sanding must be conducted with sandpaper grit 100-120. Vacuum sanding dust.

We recommend dividing larger areas into smaller sections, which can be oiled in 30 minutes. Make sure that overlapping edges between the oiled areas do not dry out during treatment.

Moistening the surface prior to oiling is recommended. This improves oil saturation and provides a uniform appearance. Use a damp cloth and make sure the floor is evenly and visibly wetted. Leave to dry until the surface no longer feels damp.

  • Mix oil and hardener according to recommendation and apply one coat of oil.
  • NB: The oil can be used without adding the hardener.
  • Apply the oil wet-in-wet in 30-minutes sections.
  • Use a polishing machine mounted with a white nylon scouring pad, spreading the oil from wet to dry areas.
  • Finish by removing excess oil with a clean lint-free cloth.
  • Areas where oil has not been absorbed into the wood and is left to dry will discolour the surface.
  • The treatment is completed when the surface appears with a uniform gloss level.
  • Leave to dry for 6-8 hours, before using the floor.
  • If the floor is to be lacquered following the initial application, a drying time of 16-24 hours is recommended. 


Care and maintenance, oiled surfaces:
If the floor is worn and needs to be refreshed, it is important to check, if the floor only shows signs of minor scratches or if the surface has been worn through to bare wood.

Protection and refreshment of minor scratches, chair marks, etc.:
-  If the existing oil surface is sound and stable the floor can be refreshed with Junckers Rustic Top Oil.
-  Rustic Top Oil is a quick-drying maintenance oil which, if the surface is clean, can be applied without sanding. 

Renovating when the surface is worn through to bare wood:
-  If the surface shows sign of wear 2K Eco Protect Oil is recommended.
-  Sand or scour the surface carefully with fine sandpaper grit 150-180 or a green or black nylon pad.
-  Vacuum sanding dust and apply one coat of 2K Eco Protect Oil.


Finishing with lacquer:
Higher wearability of the floor can be achieved by finishing with lacquer.

Please note it is very important the floor surface is a 100 % saturated with oil before lacquering. If not, there is a risk of discoloration. Oak, in particular, needs special attention.

  • When the oil is completely dry, screen with a polishing machine mounted a black scouring pad.
  • Vacuum sanding dust and apply one coat of Junckers HP Commercial or Junckers Strong.
  • Leave to dry for approximately four hours then apply the final coat of lacquer. 
  • Leave to dry until fully cured.

Care and maintenance, lacquered floors:
If the floor is worn and needs to be refreshed, it is important to check, if the floor only shows signs of minor scratches or if the surface has been worn through to bare wood.

Protection and refreshment of minor scratches, chair marks, etc.:

  • Wash with Junckers SylvaNeutralizer.
  • Sand thoroughly using grit 150-180.
  • Vacuum sanding dust and wipe with a cloth well wrung in clean water.
  • Apply one coat of lacquer and leave to dry.

Renovating when the surface is worn through to bare wood:

  • If the surface is worn through the floor must be mashine sanded and the area must be re-treated with oil and lacquer.


Before using the product, read the label on the container carefully and observe the recommended precautionary measures.

See Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed information. 



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