Turn on the colour with Junckers new waterbased laquer primer 

Get creative with shades of grey, white and Dark Coco.

As easy as applying lacquer, just roll on and allow to dry – no rags, no knees, no mess!

  • Ideal for lighter timbers, including pine
  • Dries in less than an hour
  • Use straight from the pack or mix for multiple colour options
  • Finish with one of Junckers water-based lacquers
  • PreLak has received the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling

We have added three new colours to our existing PreLak colour-range

  • PreLak Driftwood Grey - NEW
  • PreLak Nordic - NEW
  • PreLak Dark Coco - NEW
  • PreLak White
  • PreLak Clear

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PreLak Dark Coco

An oak shade with a rich brown colour. Very versatile as it responds well to dilution with clear PreLak to give light, medium or dark oak shades.

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PreLak Driftwood Grey

We are proud of our Driftwood Grey Prelak, it looks especially good on pine, which can often be difficult to stain in an attractive way.

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PreLak Nordic

Gives an invisible effect on many lighter coloured timbers, which is further enhanced by finishing with Junckers Ultramatt lacquer.

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PreLak White

We have retained the same colour as our original PreLak White, but the new formulation means faster drying and reduced side bonding.

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Want to know how to use these amazing new coloured primers?

Check out the directions for use by clicking the button or watch our application video below.

Directions for use

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