Junckers at FIBA World Cup 2023: An Inside Perspective


"It has been a true privilege to represent Junckers and showcase our Pro Complete 44 portable floors at the FIBA World Cup 2023."

Jan Brandt Sønderby, pictured on the left, typically serves as an International Sales Manager at Junckers' headquarters in Denmark. However, during the FIBA World Cup 2023, he assumed a different role, acting as Junckers’ Commercial Manager during the games of Group G and H in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"It has been a true privilege to represent Junckers and showcase our Pro Complete 44 portable floors at the FIBA World Cup 2023. The installation process went seamlessly in all five arenas. I was on the ground in Jakarta, and after 20 thrilling matches over the course of 10 days, the floors still looked impeccable and performed flawlessly," Jan explains.

Now that the FIBA World Cup has concluded (congratulations to Germany on their victory), Junckers proudly views the tournament as a resounding success. However, for many of our employees and representatives, the FIBA World Cup was not merely a cause for celebration; it entailed dedicated hard work. As a FIBA Global Supplier our responsibilities extend beyond the delivery of our floors. We also assume critical roles in maintaining the floors and nurturing Junckers' commercial interests throughout the duration of the tournament.

From our headquarters in Denmark, we ensured there was at least one floor technician and a Commercial Manager present in each of the five arenas spanning the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. Reflecting on his role, Jan elaborates:

"While in Jakarta as a Commercial Manager, I had the privilege of working closely with Datra, our partner in Indonesia. Together, we hosted some great events with customers, architects, and representatives from the Ministry of Sports.”

How was the experience?

“It has been an incredible experience on multiple levels. Not only did Junckers successfully produce and deliver sports floors that met the absolute highest standards, but I also had the joy of witnessing some of the world's greatest basketball players play on our floor panels. Additionally, I had the pleasure of meeting many new people, including locals, representatives from FIBA, and fellow FIBA suppliers," Jan concludes.

In 2021, Junckers and FIBA signed an agreement for Junckers to provide solid wood floors for FIBA's three major international tournaments: FIBA EuroBasket 2022, FIBA World Cup 2023, and the Olympic Basketball Tournament in 2024. All these tournaments will be played on Junckers’ top-of-the-line Pro Complete 44, a portable sports floor featuring lightweight panels that offer exceptional performance and meet stringent international safety standards.

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