Solvent-based filler for larger gaps

For professional use only. 

A quick-drying solvent-based filler for filling larger gaps.

Mixed with sanding dust from the sanded floor, it is used for filling gaps up to 2mm wide.

BaseFill is used in combination with Junckers solvent-based or water-based lacquers, and is suitable for most sanded and untreated parquet floors, including most exotic wood floors.

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Package Size:

5 Litres 10 Litres

General Description

Junckers BaseFill is a quick-drying fillerbase, which, in combination with Junckers solventbased or water-based lacquers, is suitable for sanded and untreated wooden floors.

Junckers BaseFill is to be mixed with sanding dust from the floor sanding process and should be used only as a filler-base.

F 5.6

Surface Treatment Product Information Junckers BaseFill Commercial / Residential

Product Description

Product: Solventborne filler-base to be mixed with wood powder from sanding of the actual floor.

Appearance: Colourless

Technical Data

Coverage: 10 m² per litre.

Before application: Shake well before use.

Application tools: Broad full-edged spatula of stainless steel.

Surface temperature: Minimum 15° C.

Dilution: Delivered ready for use. Dilution is not recommended.

Drying time at 20° C and 50 % RH - NY:

Dry to touch after approx. 15 min. at 20° C and 50 % RH.

Cleaning of tools: White spirit

Storage: Lasts for 2 years if unopened and stored at 20° C.

System Recommendations

High traffic areas:
1 application of Junckers pre-mixed BaseFill 10 m²/litre
+ 1 coat of Junckers Baseprime 10 m²/litre or PreLak 8 m²/litre
+ 2 coats of Junckers Strong, Strong Premium or HP Commercial 10 m²/litre

Low traffic areas:
1 application of Junckers pre-mixed BaseFill 10 m²/litre
+ 1 coat of Junckers Baseprime 10 m²/litre or PreLak 8 m²/litre
+ 2 coats of Junckers ProTech or Profinish or 10 m²/litre e


Direction For Use

Untreated/sanded floors:
Ensure that the surface is absolutely clean, dry and free from all dust, wax, grease, polish, soap residues etc. Sand the surface to remove dirt and irregularities.

Vacuum thoroughly and mix enough sanding dust into Junckers BaseFill until a thick but spreadable paste is obtained. If too thick adjust with Junckers BaseFill.

Stir well before use and spread the paste quickly using a stainless steel spatula. Sand with sandpaper grit 120-150. Vacuum thoroughly.

Proceed according to one of Junckers “System recommendations”.

Previously sealed floors:
Use grit 24-36 to strip old coats. Then remove abrasion marks with grit 60-80. Finally, use grit 120-150 to obtain a completely smooth surface. Vacuum sanding dust and prime the floor as described under “Untreated/ sanded floors”.

Precautionary Measures

Before using the product, read the label on the container carefully and observe the recommended precautionary measures. See Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.

Further Information

F 4.2 - Junckers ProFinish
F 5.1 - Junckers Strong
F 5.9 - Junckers Strong Premium
F 6.2 - Junckers ProTech
F 6.4 - Junckers Baseprime
F 8.2 - Junckers HP Sport
​F 8.5 - Junckers HP Commercial


Professional woodcare for Flooring

Safety data sheet - BaseFill

Documentation PDF


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