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With a solid hardwood floor, you can create an elegant harmony in your home. Wooden floors are a classic choice but still unique.
Our floors are suitable with underfloor heating, they are easy to maintain and besides that, manufactured to last for generations - then, you will never have to buy a new floor again.

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Regardless of which of the 3 projects you are facing, it is most often the biggest investment you will face in your life and the vast majority have a budget they have to deal with.

The question then is: How do you prioritize your money wisely?
The most important rule must be: Always make sure you choose the right basic materials the first time. Choosing the wrong coloUr for the wall can quickly be corrected. But, if you on the other hand, choose the wrong floor, you may risk having to pay an unnecessary amount of money to repair the damage.


One of the finest strengths of the wooden floor is that it is classically timeless. We have used wood for floors for more than 1,000 years and despite countless changing trends in style and design, the floor proves its worth - the natural expression never goes out of fashion.

Depending on the type of wood and surface treatment, wooden floors can have different looks. The classic choice is a surface where the boards are ground completely smooth. With a brushed surface, the top layer of the soft wood between the veins is removed. It provides an additional marking of the wood's grain, which leaves a characteristic slightly raw appearance.

It may also be that you want contrasts, such as a dark floor against white walls. Be aware that a dark wood floor absorbs light, while a light floor reflects light. Finally, you must be aware that hard woods withstand more stress than soft woods. All Junckers wooden floors are hard woods.


Classic | Harmony | Variation

Junckers solid hardwood floors comes in 3 gradings; Classic, Harmony and Variation.

All carried out in 100% solid hardwood. All of the same high quality. The difference lies in the expression of the floor that spans the very calm floors with few knots and grain patterns, to wooden floors with plenty of play in the wood's natural patterns.

"The floor in your home is the most vital part – make sure to invest as much as possible.

You can sit on an old worn chair on the most beautiful wooden floor and be happy. But you can place as many gorgeous pieces of furniture on a shabby floor - and it will never be truly satisfying."

"BO BEDRE" Danish Interior Magazine | 6 steps to a personal decor


Wood is in itself a good insulating material and does not feel as cold to walk on as e.g. a tiled floor. Regardless of whether there are radiators or underfloor heating in your home, you can install a Junckers wooden floor. There is a bit more cutting work around the heating pipes if you have radiators, but other than that you just need to make sure there are no leaks in the pipes or joints.

All underfloor heating systems work together with Junckers wooden floors.

underfloor heating and wooden floors


A wooden floor's visual properties gives your home an elegance and exclusivity that creates a natural balance and tranquility in your home.
Your floor undeniably plays an essential role in your interior design and in many ways creates the foundation for the expression you want to achieve. With solid wood floors, you create a stylish, but at the same time personal expression..

A feeling of comfort

A solid wood floor has properties that simply cannot be replaced by other types of flooring. A solid wooden floor from Junckers is a natural material that has been processed with respect for its quality and originality. A sincere attempt to bring a part of nature into your home; A natural material such as wood adds authentic comfort to your floor with a pleasant experience of softness in the floor surface. You also achieve unique acoustic properties that other floors simply cannot match.

A unique wooden floor

Each plank or stick that is laid in a solid wood floor is a small piece of nature with its individual patterns and colors. No slats or planks are the same, which is why all our solid wood floors are unique.

A floor with character

As time goes by, your solid wood floor will change. The color nuance ages discreetly and it will acquire small scratches, all of which contribute to giving your wooden floor its very own personality. It's the kind of character that money can't buy - but can only be achieved by being a part of your everyday life, a part of your life.


"Is a wooden floor easy to clean and maintain?"
The answer is simple: Yes! If you make sure to put a minimum effort into taking good care of your floor, maintenance and cleaning is very straight forward.

The floor should be vacuumed when needed, just as every other floor types should and then washed when vacuuming isn't enough. 

cleaning and maintenance