Dark Ash

Plank Flooring

Ash is one of the widespread European and North American hardwood species and with its excellent strength properties is very desirable as flooring.

Dark ash has a very characteristic and vivid appearance with a beautiful contrast between the dark brown heartwood and the light parts of the wood. Over time, the glow of the Dark Ash becomes a little deeper which only enhances the character and the beauty of this unique wood species.

This floor is also available as ships decking. The black neoprene strip placed between the boards adds a maritime look to the floor. 

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This grade has a uniform look where the share of heartwood adds a more distinct colour and structural graining variation between the individual planks. Only few small knots and very fine hairline splits occur.​

Classic thickness x width
20,5mm × 140mm

Classic surfaces
Clear oil, Silkmatt lacquer, Ultra matt lacquer, Untreated

Be inspired

A solid hardwood floor from Junckers is not just a floor covering. With our floors you get so much more.

A Junckers floor is a key design feature in harmony with the whole interior creating a unique atmosphere and individual style, but the floor is also to great extent a performance partner for the athlete which will give the ultimate in freedom of movement, protection against injury and ensuring athletes can achieve their best. 

Junckers floor solutions are manufactured in Denmark, are Indoor Climate labelled and work with all types of under floor heating system.

Are you looking to get inspired for a commercial interior design project, a large multi-unit housing project, your private home, a sport or dance floor?, this is the place to explore.


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Solid Hardwood Flooring
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